• Warmer and more breathable, a hiker wearing her Woolf PureFleece® merino wool mid layer fleece top

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This is new PureFleece® - designed from the outset to be the best fleece you’ve ever worn. Polyester or plastic has no place here - we use only superfine Merino Lambswool for its legendary warmth, softness and breathability. To create a mid layer fleece that's superior in every condition.

“This is the next generation of fleece - and there’s not a scrap of plastic used anywhere”


Breathe more

The warmest fleece when you need it. The coolest when you don't. The New PureFleece® Merino wool mid layer has quickly gained a reputation amongst outdoor professionals for its 4 season comfort. It protects against the cold but also breathes, preventing you from feeling clammy or humid. Specially developed for us by one of the world’s finest woollen mills here in Britain, the precision woven fabric is also naturally wind proof, water repellent and odour resistant. And frees you from breathing the thousands of plastic microfibres shed by a polyester fleece every day.

The best mid layer fleece. By design

Merino Quarter Zip in our unique 530gsm PureFleece® / Superfine 100% Merino Lambswool / Exceptional warmth to weight ratio / Superior thermo-regulation and moisture wicking / Naturally water repellant and odour resistant / World’s finest zips, from RiRi, hand finished in Switzerland for ultra smooth glide action / Zero polyester or plastic throughout / Designed and made in the UK

Feel the difference

New PureFleece® performs like a heavyweight fleece yet feels light, super soft and is highly breathable. The pullover fleece jacket tops hold their shape and come up like new after each wash. And the signature four colour marl also brings an added depth and integrity.

The best fleece, that’s best for the planet

New PureFleece® is created with a superfine Merino, nature’s own miracle fabric, and no synthetic fibres can replicate all its unique qualities. It keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. If you get wet it keeps you dry as wool fibre can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without even feeling damp. Merino wool is also self-cleaning. If you sweat it won’t smell bad which means you don’t need to wash it anywhere near so often. And when you do, any microfibres shed are 100% biodegradable, unlike the polyester fibres that are still used in almost all outdoor garments. For the ultimate fleece, there can only be one choice. Now all you have to do is choose your favourite colour.

"they've taken the Merino fleece to a whole new level"

TRAIL Magazine

Scottish Mountain Rescue

Our Ethos

We combine 21st century design technologies with purely natural fibres to create higher performing, more durable outdoor wear. You won't find synthetic materials anywhere in our range. Unlike others, we've never used polyester, nylon or any kind of plastic, not even recycled. And we never will. So now everyone can explore the wild without trashing it.