Merino Care

When you invest in a quality natural product like PureFleece treat it with a little care and respect and you will enjoy years of adventures together.



  • Wash less. One of the great advantages of our odour resistant Merino Lambswool fleece is that you can wash it much less often than a synthetic garment.

  • Low temperature. When you feel it’s time for a freshen up be sure to use a cool wool wash or a hand wash, using a mild or wool detergent.

  • Avoid fabric softener. It will coat the fibres and reduce their ability to naturally manage moisture and regulate body temperature.

  • NEVER tumble dry. Instead lay it flat over a clothes horse and allow to dry naturally, out of direct sunlight and away from a radiator.

  • Iron less. The Merino in PureFleece® is naturally wrinkle free but if you wanted to run an iron over it, use the steam function on the lowest setting.

  • Over time. You may notice some very minor pilling, which is entirely natural and a sign of high quality. Eventually the shorter fibres which rise to the surface and cause pilling will wash and wear off on their own.

  • Dry cleaning. It's possible to dry clean your Woolf Purefleece but it's never a great choice, as most dry cleaners use chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

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